Main Responsibilities and Duties of a Care Worker

Working as a carer is very rewarding—it gives you an opportunity to improve the standard of living of other people. Being a carer comes with several duties and responsibilities and not everyone can do the job. To know more about care assistant jobs and the responsibilities and duties of a carer, read ahead.


What Is a Care Worker?

A care worker is someone who is paid to help seniors, children or other clients with disabilities and various other health conditions. People who suffer from different disabilities, like lack of mobility or Alzheimer’s, rely on carers to take care of them.

What Are the Main Responsibilities and Duties of a Care Worker?

A carer has a very diverse role since they have to focus on various aspects of an individual’s life to make sure they are healthy and content. A care worker is supposed to:

Provide Supervision

This is a pretty important one – especially if you’re taking care of an elderly person. Since it is your job to take care of someone who cannot do it themselves, it is best to always be around them. If you are sharing the house with a client, make sure to be near them at all times. It is best to exchange numbers so they can call you if they need you immediately. Supervision is essential since a lot can go wrong very quickly.


If you are working as a carer, your job doesn’t only entail supervision. Besides looking after their client, a good carer will also provide companionship, especially to seniors since they tend to get bored and may busy themselves with mindless activities. When they are home alone, give them companionship as that will strengthen your relationship with them. You might get to learn more about them, their family, their past and what made them the person they are today.


If you have a care assistant job, you must be aware that you have to help your client with almost every aspect of their life. Housework is one of the major reasons why people hire carers since they can help people who live alone. Housework can include helping in the kitchen and cleaning the house.

Most carers also help their clients with shopping and other domestic responsibilities like setting their appointments and other social engagements. Another important part of housework includes cooking and meal preparation. There is a huge chance that your client cannot cook for themselves – this is where you come in. Make sure to cook for them when you are around and prepare their meals for the days that you will not be with them.

Mobility Assistance

Another important responsibility to keep in mind is mobility assistance. Most of your clients may need help with getting from one place to another and it will be your job to assist them. For example, some seniors may need help to go to the bathroom from their bed or even to move to a chair.

Personal Care

A care assistant’s job includes almost everything – from a person’s meal prep to their personal care. If your client has difficulty getting out of bed, you may need to change their diapers regularly. Personal care can also include giving baths, shaving, etc. If your client is really forgetful, it is your job to remind them to take their medication regularly.

Pet Care

Many clients have pets, but since they are disabled or old, they cannot take care of them themselves. As a carer, it is your duty to check if your client’s pet is fed and healthy. Whether it’s a dog or a fish, always remember to feed them since it will only make your client feel content that someone is taking care of their beloved pet.

Communicating With Their Family

Besides taking care of your client, it is also essential to keep in touch with their family at all times. It is best to give regular updates about your client to their close family members so that they know everything in case something goes wrong. It is a good idea to have the family members’ phone numbers so you can update them after every other session.

What Are the Different Areas of Care?

You will be working with many people who may belong to different backgrounds and have different diseases if you are working as a carer. You may work with children, adults with learning or physical disabilities and people suffering from addiction and mental health issues.  You may also work with seniors who need mobility assistance and people with dementia, Alzheimer’s or brain injuries.

What Is It Like Being a Care Worker?

A care assistant job is not for everyone since it is an emotionally draining job. However, if you choose to pursue this path, you will learn that this is a very rewarding profession. If you are interested in giving back to the community, a care assistant job might just be for you. A good care worker will make a difference, even a small one, in the lives of the people they take care of. The good thing about being a care worker is that anybody can do it as long as they are passionate about helping other people.

Remember – working as a carer is nothing like a 9-to-5 job. Every day brings new challenges, but it will also help you learn more about yourself and the people around you. To learn more about care assistant jobs and care agencies in Berkshire, visit Careline Solutions. We source staff to Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Retirement Villages, Colleges and Hospitals and cover the following areas— Berkshire, London, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Surrey.

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